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John Minnella

Candidate for US Congress

40+ years significant local, federal and foreign government experience. Strong, principled, clear, consistent, honest, conservative, patriotic, and dedicated to school choice and parental education control, the US Constitution, Judeo-Christian values and conservative Republican principles.

The Leadership CA39 Needs

Not only is John a pillar and leader in his community, he’s also married with 6 Children, 2 Grandchildren, 5 Godchildren… and with your help can be the next congressman for 760,000 GREAT people of California’s 39TH Congressional District.

A Vision For The Future

Like you, I too am worried about the direction our country is being led in by many in Washington who do not share, appreciate, defend and reflect our American values and do not respect our Constitution. I entered this election race to add one more rational voice in Congress before it is too late and before the transformation of our society and government is irreversible.


Actionable Issues

Key Issues & Positions

  • Push for a “New Contract with America” for First Day of Republican House
  • Support Limited Government
  • Oppose All Unnecessary/”Pork”Spending
  • Advocate for Voter Photo Identification
  • Oppose National Voting System/Support State Voting Rights
  • Reform & Simplify Government/Eliminate Waste
  • Advocate for National Debt Reduction & Balanced Budget
  • End Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood & NPR
  • Advocate for Tribal Self-Sufficiency
  • Reverse Inflation
  • Advance Middle Class
    • Advocate for Pro-Growth & Simpified Tax Code
    • Return to Economic Growth & Employment Opportunities of Prior Administration
  • Senior Citizens
    • Preserve & Protect from Inflation Social Security Benefits
  • Discourage Manufacturing & Imports from China
  • Encourage USA Manufacture
  • Advocate for Understanding & Appreciation of Western Civilization & American System of Government
  • Oppose Critical Race Theory in Schools, Dept. of Education & Government
  • Advocate for Parental Control of Education; Support Parents
  • Advocate for School Choice/Voucher System
  • End Child Abuse Required Masking of Children in Schools
Crime & Law Enforcement
  • Strong Support for Local Law Enforcement including Funding
  • Oppose Federalization of Police
  • Urge Consistent & Non-Partisan Prosecution of Violent Criminals
    • Work to Remove “Woke” Prosecutors
  • Oppose Partisan Use of FBI & US Justice Dept.
  • Support Presumption of Innocence of Local Law Enf. Officers
  • Honor, Respect & Protect Law Enf. Profession & Work
  • Work for Greater Appreciation & Help for Crime Victims
Foreign Policy/National Defense
  • Advocate for America First Policies
    • Oppose Dangerous Intnl. Agreements not to USA Benefit
  • Advocate for Increased Spending for Armed Forces
  • Ensure Peace Through Strength/Project Power
  • Defend the Homeland
  • Support Israel
First & Second Amendments
  • Oppose Cancel Culture Efforts
  • Defend First Amendment; Apply First Amendment to All Speech
  • Support Constitutional Right to Bear Arms
  • Uphold Right of Natural Self-Defense
  • Close Southern Border to Illegal Entry
  • Complete Southern Border Wall & Increase Border Security
  • Deport Violent Criminal Aliens After First Completion of their USA Sentence
  • Bar Deportation of Non-Violent Honorably Discharged Veterans
  • Refine “Violent Crime” Definition to not include Minor Incidents
  • Support & Defend Border Patrol Officers
Health Care
  • Reduce Cost of Prescription Drugs
  • Advocate for Improved Coverage & Affordability, Including Dental & Mental Care
  • Expedite FDA Reform & Drug Approval Process
  • Work to Legalize all Prescription Drug Imports From Mexico & Canada  
  • Advocate for Protection of Constitutional Rights from Public Health Edicts 
  • Restore Patient Control of Healthcare; Oppose Government Monopolization & Nationalization
  • End COVID Theater
  • Better Allocate Homeless Funding Programs from Overpriced “Housing” to Mental Health Facilities
Veterans & Armed Forces Personnel
  • Stop Political Purge & “Woke” Putification of Armed Forces
  • Advocate for Improved VA Care
  • Expand VA Health Care, Education & Other Benefits to Honorably Discharged National Guard Vets
  • Honor, Respect & Promote Military Service
  • Ensure that Combat Disabled Veterans Receive Substantial Disability Help & Rehabilitation
  • Make and Keep America Energy Self-Sufficient Again
  • Advocate for Emergency, Priority Power Grid Protection from EMP Attacks
  • Restore Prior Administration Energy Production/Drilling Programs
  • Stop Democrats’ War on Fossil Fuel & Oil & Gas Producers

Contribute to a Cause

With the California Primaries coming up soon, help elect a strong leader in the 39th district to make your voice and opinions heard in Congress. Let’s together bring back the Republican values to our home town.


About John Minnella

Owner: JL Minnella & Assocs. Consultancy. Past Dean: ILA Polytechnic Institute; Past Extension Law Instructor: UC Irvine; LAUSD HS Civics, History, Government Teacher.  40+ years international refugee, immigration and business experience (especially Nigeria, Cambodia, Mexico/Central America, Balkans, Iran).

Persistent/indefatigable advocate for protection of Greater Lake Mathews, Moreno and Mead Valley, nearby unincorporated communities as President, Residents Assoc. of Greater Lake Mathews (RAGLM).

Army veteran. Commander, American Legion District 29. Member: American Legion Post 132, American Veterans United, United Mexican American Veterans Association, Association of the US Army, National Republican Lawyers Association, Bar of Attorneys of Nicaragua, International Bar Association, National Italian American Bar Association, St. James the Less Church, Knights of Columbus, St. Thomas More Society, Latin American Studies Association (past), Minority Business Council of O.C. (past VP). Admitted: Supreme Court of Nicaragua.

Married, father of 6, grandfather of 2. Boulder Springs Homeowner.

Fluent in Spanish; rusty in German, Italian; studied Arabic

Mission & Values











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Get Involved

With your help we can do this! It’s only with your help and contributions to get the representation this Country needs. 

Be a part of the success and help get the word out that John has the leadership and ideas to bring us back from the incompetence we see in Washington D.C. Every one can chip in and do a little to put us in the seats.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

With the primaries coming up rapidly, we need your help to make the 39th district a leader of retaking California and the Nation back to the values of the Republican Party.

The primary will occur on June 7, 2022









In just a few short months John has gathered endorsements from all walks of life in his district. We are always looking to add more to this growing list. Feel free to drop us a message with your endorsement and we can add you to the list.

Christopher GONZALES

Private Attorney
Candidate for US House,
California 46th Congressional District

Debbie WALSH

Community Activist
President, Rural Assn. of Mead Valley
Past Candidate for County Supervisor


Retired FBI Executive
Former US Immigration Service Western Regional Comm’r
Security and Terrorism Expert
Law Professor


Former Riverside County Deputy Sheriff

Debbie SALEM



District Attorney of Riverside County


Sheriff of Riverside County

Gilbert T. GEMBACZ

US Immigration Judge (retired)
US Army Special Forces Colonel (retired)


Past Planning Commissioner, City of Orange
Former Santa Ana City Police Officer


Private Immigration Attorney
Former US Immigration Service Attorney
Former US Commerce Dept. (International Trade) Attorney


US Army Veteran

Steven C. VARGAS

Past Candidate: US House of Representatives
Councilman & Former Mayor, City of Brea
Orange County 4th District Supervisor Candidate
Lt., US Navy Select Reserve Force


CEO, Lock America, Inc., d/b/a L.A.I. Group


Business Executive


Christian A. ESTRADA

Journeyman Electrician


Take Back Anza President

Sandy And Clayton RYTYCH

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Upcoming Events

Meet and Greet @ The Veterans Hall

April 16, 2022 from 3:00pm – 6:00 pm
600 South D Street, Perris, CA 92750  (View on Map)

Come by for an informal gathering to get to know you and meet the Candidate and some of our team.

RSVP your party to 714-631-9483 (call or text)

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